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In order for DigiTennis application to be compliant with the new rules we must inform you about the data DigiTennis gathers and uses. Before you can continue with the registration process take your time and read carefully the following list of data gather by DigiTennis.

  • First name , Last name
  • Year of birth
  • Gender
  • Email
  • Phone

DigiTennis also uses the following cookies

  • .AspNet.ApplicationCookie, Basic function, Valid: Current user session
  • __RequestVerificationToken, Basic function, Valid: Current user session
  • _culture, Every time user changes language,Valid: 1 year

By agreeing with the terms and conditions you give DigiTennis permission to use your personal data. Your data will not be given to any 3rdparty and will be used exclusively by DigiTennis. You also agree that your personal data can be viewed by all other users that are part of the same competition as you are. Your consent is valid until revoked. You have the right ti revoke consent(account deletion) at any time - right to forget. You also agree that you meet the age of consent( 16+ years ).


Fill the input fields. Your given email is also username to login to DigiTennis after successful registration.


An email has been sent to your address with email confirmation link.

Why is this necessary?

Email confirmation is important so that your confirm ownership of your email. It also ensures that you will be able to receive all DigiTennis email notifications.

If you have received your email and clicked on confirmation link you will be able to continue to the next step



  • Email should arrive in a few minutes
  • Make sure you check your SPAM folder and also mark your mail as "Not spam". This can happen sometimes especially when your receive email for the first time.
  • If possible do not use your bussines email account. Companies often have higher security standards whick can cause problems with email delivery.
  • If email is not received in 5 minutes then you can return to the previous step and try with another mail. If nothing works you can contact system administrator at [email protected]


SMS has been sent to your phone number with 6-digit PIN number. Reply to received SMS with pin number. If DigiTennis will receive your reply you will receive another sms confiming that DigiTennis has uccessfully confirmed your number.



  • If you received SMS but reply did not confirm your phone number then you can manually confim your phone number by entering your 6 digit pin number.
  • If you do not receive SMS then there is problem with SMS delivery. Contanct system administrator at [email protected] so it can check what seem to be the issue.


By clicking Finish your account will be created. After successul account creation you will be automatically signed-in redirected to then competition sign-up where you can register to competition.

By clicking to the field bellow you will prove you are not a robot.

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